Final Major Project: Work in Progress!


So for my final major project I have decided to get on and create some illustrations for a couple of folk tales/fairy tales and such. I did want to find local folk tales but have had trouble trying to locate them, so instead I have been selecting some story’s from my book of “Celtic fairy tales” by Joseph Jacobs. One of these such story’s I have selected is called “The Horned Women” which is about an invasion of twelve witches taking over a woman’s home to make spells and do their business. Whats especially peculiar about these witches is that they all have horns protruding from them, with the first witch with only one and the twelfth with twelve.

I’ve been brainstorming how to go about illustrating this story, and have considered doing it for a children’s book, or a graphic novel, or even making it into a simple zine. Unsure which path to go down, I’ve been doodling ideas for how to visualize scenes and the witches themselves to see what works. Its honestly been a process of throwing things at a wall to see what sticks. I have also discovered my old dip pen, and have been practicing drawing and writing with it a bit. I think the old fashioned look and the spindly lines/marks it produces can create some interesting atmosphere. I think the look of it is quite appropriate for an old Celtic folk tale.

I struggle with drawing figures so I worked around this by drawing the witches as vague and mysterious as possible. I kinda like how they look, but I think they still need some development to get right. Maybe going a bit simpler again would work?

I really liked my small drawing of the two witches/mysterious figures arriving at the cottage door, so I decided to try and redo this idea. I used a postcard sized piece of watercolor paper to draw on, because I wanted to see what dry inky textures would work. There are a lot of mistakes in this little drawing, but I learnt a lot from doing it. I love how atmospheric the inky textures look, but I need to learn how to control the brush better so I don’t make a royal mess of it. I think this kind of illustration technique is more appropriate for things like Folio Books rather than children’s books, maybe that’s the direction I should take this work?

skbk ink painting experiment
Ink drawing experiment; the witches knocking at the door.