Printmaking with Charles Shearer

The other day we had a workshop with printmaker Charles Shearer, creating collographs. We were each given an a4 sized piece of display board. Display board is particularly good for this style of print because you can peel away the layers of card that it is compromised of.

For my first print I created a composition based off a bunch of small sketches and visual ideas I had in my sketchbook for the ongoing Sherlock illustration project I’m doing. The story that I was focusing on at the time was a Scandal in Bohemia. My first print didn’t turn out particularly well, I had forgotten that prints come out as a mirror image, of course. Charles recommended to fix this by cutting back some layers of where I had used type. To help this mistake look like it was originally part of the image I cut away more layers on the letter part.
I think it looks much better being lighter than the background, previously the overall image was too heavy, and now the focus of the image is drawn into the center, where it is supposed to be. I particularly like the nice unexpected effect of the pipe overlaying with the letter, but I do not like how the hand turned out. I think this goes to show that I need much more practice with hands and with this medium.


The second print we did was an experiment with colour and shapes. I originally tired to do something linking to Sherlock, but it was too detailed and wasn’t working out so I cut out simple bird shapes instead. Birds always seem to be my go to thing when I’m absentmindedly doodling.Β To layer the different colours on to the prints we made we cut out stencils of small shapes. I’m quite happy with how this print has turned out, the colours are quite beautifully muted. It was fun to try out something new.