Collections: Sketchbook Work Feedback

Up until this point I have mostly been experimenting using different medias, including various pens, pencils and paints. I have been using my collection to base these experimental drawings from, which are mostly just brooches right now.

We had a group tutorial feedback session, filling out feedback forms for each other, noting down what was successful and what needed some work, and possibly what things they could do to improve their work. The feedback I got was:

  • One thing that was said a couple of times is that I needed to do more research, in to collections and artist research too.
  • Another person commented on my watercolor/ink drawings, and suggested that it might be a good idea to scan them in and experiment adding different colors and shapes to them digitally.
  • Create mind maps to help figure out which direction to take my work in.
  • More through annotation to explain my thoughts about my work, and where I am going with it.
  • Continue working on final outcome plan, and to make a note of explaining why I am doing the things I am doing.

I will take all this feedback in to consideration and use it to improve on my project.


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Second year illustration student studying a BA Hons Degree at Hereford College of Arts.

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