Collections: Sketchbook Work Feedback

Up until this point I have mostly been experimenting using different medias, including various pens, pencils and paints. I have been using my collection to base these experimental drawings from, which are mostly just brooches right now.

We had a group tutorial feedback session, filling out feedback forms for each other, noting down what was successful and what needed some work, and possibly what things they could do to improve their work. The feedback I got was:

  • One thing that was said a couple of times is that I needed to do more research, in to collections and artist research too.
  • Another person commented on my watercolor/ink drawings, and suggested that it might be a good idea to scan them in and experiment adding different colors and shapes to them digitally.
  • Create mind maps to help figure out which direction to take my work in.
  • More through annotation to explain my thoughts about my work, and where I am going with it.
  • Continue working on final outcome plan, and to make a note of explaining why I am doing the things I am doing.

I will take all this feedback in to consideration and use it to improve on my project.


Group Project: Exhibition Poster

Last Thursday we as a class were prompted to start thinking about preparing for our exhibition in May for our Collections module. Our tutor gathered some equipment; a large roll of paper, paint brushes, black acrylic and charcoal. After some discussion of what to do we got caught up in somehow illustrating the name of the exhibition “Collections” as a collection, displaying the letters as objects on shelves. Each of us were given a letter or two to illustrate and we mostly just went for it, trying not to worry too much how it turns out.

We had two attempts at the poster, the first was just a rough mock up and the second was an attempt at a completed looking image. Our tutor Nicholas has been kind enough to take pictures of the posters we created and is currently stitching together a rough mock up.

Hay Festival Project: Experiments with Style

After my feedback from Hay Festival people, I decided to experiment a bit further with the style I have been using for some of my drawings. In these images I have used a variety of different materials, but I think the images using pastels have come out best in a way.

I especially like how the bird has come out, this bird was an experiment using feedback from Hay Festival. They liked my birds from before, and also the trees, but felt that stylistically they did not go together. To combat this problem I used the same materials I have been using to create my trees to create my birds too. In this case, theย style has been dictated by the materials Iโ€™ve used. My next step in this project will be further developing this and creating more images.

Hay Festival Project: Feedback

Recently we had our client come view our work to see how it was getting along. To accommodate this each of us created a mood board from the work we have created so far. Here is the mood board I created.


I included a bunch of different type of experimental work on this board, using a wide variety of styles and materials.

The feedback I got from the representatives from Hay was helpful. They really liked the more messy looking tree I created form oil pastels, but didn’t like the trees with straight, angular tree branches (like the one on the very right at the top, nest to the birds) because they looked sort of “bone like”. I can understand where they are coming from, I personally think these are the least effective trees I made from this selection.

They also really liked the birds in the top, but stylistically they did not match the trees, so they suggested I could recreate the birds in a style to match the style of the trees.

Another idea they thought I could look at, since I was interested in drawing birds, is to look at the way trees are used as shelter for the birds. Birds build nests and feed young in trees, their entire lives depend on them. I thought this was an interesting approach to the topic and will have to look further into this idea.


Hay Festival Project: Trees

For our new brief, we have been asked to provide some illustrations for the Hay festival at Hay-on-Wye to decorate the hallways between the tents. The Hay Festival is a literature festival, and is basically a tent village hosting talks by various people, including people like Stephen Fry and Tracy Emin, and many many others.

The themes we have been given is trees, and the Hay Festivals 30th anniversary. Although, they have asked to focus mostly on the tree theme. This is because Hay Festival were giving out 30 acres worth of trees to celebrate the anniversary, since the idea has first started, it has expanded into much more than just 30 acres worth of trees.

I started out by brainstorming the themes and ideas that could tie into imagery for an illustration. Thingsย I have thought about while brainstorming ideas are:

  • respond to a quote or a piece of literature
  • animals live in/around trees, look at wildlife
  • tree symbolism growth and sustainability

After a bit of brainstorming I started playing with some shapes and colours, creating some possible tree shapes. Since the final illustration will be very large and will be seen up close and from a distance, I think having something that is simple, yet still has some finer details will work best for this brief. I will have to experiment further with this idea and see if I can come up with some effective results.

Starting out with shapes and colours




Phone Uploads 510

We have been given a new module, and its about collections. We have been asked to gather a collection, weather one we already have or one we can create to create drawings and illustrations from.

I already had a small handful of brooches I had collected from various nick-knack shops and have received as gifts, but I only had about five altogether, and have since then fleshed out the collection with a few more from charity shops. The image here excludes most of my enamel badges, because I thought the collection had more variety and interesting features just as mostly brooches. It’ll be interesting to see what I can develop from this collection.